Brian (fishslayer) wrote,

The weekend

I don't post very much. I am pretty borring these days. I am teaching now and have a 2nd job as well as my Master's classes. THat's about it really. :)

This weekend and teh reunion taught me that I really miss some of the people that were close to me durring a time of growth in my life. We are different people now, but gathering together, I can feel that we shared something tegether.

The other thing it taught me is that I have the feeling that trevor and I will be friends no matter the distance. I was upset lastnight when we parted ways again, but it really felt more like see ya later then goodbye. I am glad that we got to do "normal" stuff together while he was here and will make sure that I get to visit this summer for more then a day.

Thanks to all of my friends that traveled to the event this weekend. I know I have more post in me but I am still processing.
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