Brian (fishslayer) wrote,


Building a MythTV box is coming along well. My WinTV-350 came in and I put it in the old machine. Athlon 2100 and 512 megs ram. I am a little worried about drive space a 40g and a 120g for now. The AT7 has a highpoint controler so i may get another drive and make a stripe set.

The next step is which flavor fo Linux. I am a Gentoo user so that is what will most likely end up on there. So much to do...

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Gentoo is probably too high maintanance for a myth box. I'd use Suse or maybe debian. I also think there's a knoppix distro out there that auto-installs myth-tv but I'm not sure how well it works.
I'm going to be setting up a MythTV/Gentoo box soon as well.... don't have a lot of free time though, so it will probably not be until spring or something. If you run into any obvious "gotchas" please let me know!