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I never update my journal. The question that many of you have asked is why?

The reply is simple. I am dull, really, really, really dull. I am a creature of habit I have noticed and for the most part diverge little from that pattern.

Here is the "update"

We moved. The new place is nice with more space and feels more homey and less homely. Seriously, it is a place to live and that doesn't suck. We like it a lot.

I bottled all my cider. I am not sure I will do this next season as the small batches required not to get a huge jug of crap is jsut a pain to bottle. I did like the product however and do believe it will better over time.

I started brewing beer. The beer thing is new and should be intresting. I am not entirely sure that I will be able to truely brew a wurt here. The apartment does have a front porch and I could most likely do it there. I have to think a bit more about that. For this run I wanted to get used to the larger sizes and process. I used an extract, malt, and yeast. It is fermenting happily in the basement. We'll see where this goes.

I have my student teaching placements. Victor and East High. Not overly emotional about either.

I was a dumbass and couldn't pass the spanish CLEP so I am stuff taking spanish all summer. THe isn't bad but there are these twon women in the class that make me want to kill. You know the ones old, nontraditional students that chat loudly then ask about what they missed. They bitch about the homework and projects. They always want to leave early. Top it off, they are rude. One cut me off today while I was asking a question. Normally I'd want to kill, but mostly this class makes me want to learn how to say, "I don't care" in spanish.

Oh, the DnD group has fallen into a nice regular group. It is good to hang with my old and new friends at the same time.

Other then that.... pretty much the same.
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