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I never update....

I am reaching 7th and 8th graders over the month of July math and physics. I HATE 7th and 8th grade. This job has taught me that I need to be in a high school. This age is horrible. They really have 2 modes. They hate anyone older and pick on anyone younger. Most of them are inner-city kids as well. This is an enrichment program which means all of these kids are bright. But that is the problem; most of them get picked on for it everyday in school. In the city schools different is BAD, they can get beat up for being smart, and not the bully chasing you beat up, like sent to the hospital beat up. They acquire more then a few behavioral problems because if it.

I am in Spanish hell over the summer as well. My masters requires 2 semesters of a foreign language so I am doing the 12 week condensed thing over the summer. It is hellish but at least the majority of people in the class are in the same boat.

I got a smoker... and there will be ribs.... we needed a grill and didn't want a huge one. I talked my wife into a grill that is a smoker.
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