Brian (fishslayer) wrote,

I haven't had much to update

The fact is that the summer has been mostly spanish hell and working for me. I didn't go anywhere and for the most part I didn’t really get to do anything. We did start a really kick ass gaming group over the summer and it looks to be working out really well. That'll be a welcome distraction come fall.

I have been brewing beer here and there. I have a scotch ale in the basement, a pub ale ready to go into the secondary for dry hopping and I am brewing a barleywine today. I like my beer better then most commercial beers.

I start my student teaching next week and my mentor teacher seems really nice. I am kinda nervous and excited at the same time. I hope that I do a good job and that the kids are receptive to my teaching. I am going to be in victor for 6 weeks and east for 6 weeks.
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Good luck with teaching! You'll do great. :)