Brian (fishslayer) wrote,

Hey look at me

Ok so I never update, sorry. But mostly that is because no one really wants to hear my graduate work stories.

Well I am almost done now, I have my research left next year and I be finished. I am still not sure what topic I am going to do yet....

I got a job. Like a jobby job teaching at Monroe High School. The day I signed my contract, Greece called for an interview. UGH I think I am going to like it there. I taught there last year and loved the people I worked with and was excited to be back with them.

My step-mother-in-law gave me a Starbucks Barista Espresso Machine. Before you start the hate for starbucks let me just point out that this will allow me to spend no money there. Seriously, this pressure driven machine makes great espresso. It was a sage to get it as the first one was broken and then the second one too, but they really have great customer service and replaced them quickly.

I'll try to update more often as people have bugged me to do so. I am sure i'll have stories to post once I start teaching in the fall.
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yaay brian job!
Great news, congrats!

I don't post much either because graduate work stories are indeed highly boring. :P
I know right!

How many, I was in researching this thing and found this great thing that only I care about, stories can i write?
you could research the effect of espresso on high school students. haha. just kiddin. hey, i saw these two corny jokes and thought of you... :)

Two atoms walking down the street, one says to the other,
'I think I lost an electron!'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes I'm positive!'

A neutron walks into a bar and says, 'Gimme a beer!'
Bartender says, 'Certainly... Here you are!'
'How much is that?'
'For you... No charge!'

haha. maybe you can work them into a powerpoint slide when teaching about subatomic particles.



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